New Jeep® Compass

The new Compass range debuts with the 80th anniversary model, created to celebrate 80 years of the Jeep® brand.

New Jeep® Compass

The new Compass range debuts with the 80th anniversary model, created to celebrate 80 years of the Jeep® brand.

New Compass Sport

New Jeep® Compass Sport comes standard with 16” alloy wheels, new LED headlights, 3,5’’ display instrument panel and 8.4” Uconnect™ infotainment system with integrated Uconnect™ Services.


8,4” Uconnect™ infotainment system

The latest generation Uconnect™ 8,4” Navigation System offers a wide range of communication, entertainment and navigation features without having to take your hands off the steering wheel. The large 8,4” touchscreen offers multi-touch gestures with image magnification, touch and swipe capabilities. In addition, the new Uconnect™ infotainment system features wireless mirroring, so you can connect your smartphone without using any cables. It also comes standard with Uconnect™ Services, which have been developed to seamlessly communicate with your vehicle even remotely.

New LED headlights

Gain more visibility and more security with new LED headlights, standard on Jeep® Compass Sport. The redesigned lines enhance the frontend of the car and underline its strong character.

New wheel design

The new Compass Sport features 16” alloy wheels with a new design that emphasizes the style and elegance of Jeep® truly made for the city.

Black exterior finishes

The new Jeep® Compass Sport features black details that highlight the profile of the seven-slot grille, side trim and fenders.


Compass Longitude

The new Jeep® Compass Longitude comes standard with the new 17” alloy wheels, 7’’ instrument panel, dual zone automatic climate control, parking sensors and Parkview® camera. Plus, with the innovative Wireless Charging Pad, it is possible to charge your smartphone without plugging it in to any cable.


Wireless Charging Pad

Charge your smartphone on board the new Jeep® Compass Longitude without using the cable. Simply place the device on the new Wireless Charging Pad to start charging.

Parking sensors and Parkview® rear back up camera

Reversing has never been easier. The Parkview® rear back up camera displays the area behind the vehicle on the new Uconnect™ infotainment system display. While, ParkSense® detects obstacles behind you using sensors located in the rear bumper, which alert you with an audible warning

7″ digital instrument panel

The new 7″ digital instrument panel allows you to easily see and understand all the driving information about the vehicle and your journey. And with more than 100 configurations available, it is possible to customize the interface to fit your needs.

New 17″ alloy wheels

The new Jeep® Compass Longitude is enhanced by the new design of the 17” alloy wheels, perfect to fit any roads surfaces and able to accommodate different driving styles.


Compass Limited

A more elegant look and a premium interior. From the all-new dashboard lines emerges the new 10.1” intelligent Uconnect™ infotainment system with Ultra HD display. The innovation throughout the interior also includes the 10.25” fully digital HD instrument panel. From the outside, it’s impossible to miss the standard 18” alloy wheels with a new design, tinted glass and full LED headlights with integrated DRL.


10.1” Uconnect™ Nav Radio

The new intelligent Uconnect™ infotainment system with a 10.1” display with Ultra HD resolution and features the most innovative operating system ever in a Jeep® with a processor that is five times as fast. Navigation is faster, easier and more intuitive. You can customize the interface, access apps from favorites, and create up to 6 different user profiles. It also features the “Hey Jeep®” voice assistant, which allows you to talk to your vehicle using voice recognition.

10.25’’ digital instrument cluster

New to the world of Jeep®, a never before seen 10.25″ Full HD digital color display instrument panel allows you to view more than 20 informative vehicle parameters and create 5 different customizable menus.

Adaptive cruise control

The new Jeep® Compass Limited is equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), the driver assistance system that maintains the cruising speed and adapts it to the speed of the vehicle in front of you.

New LED Headlights

The new LED lighting unit ensures maximum visibility when you’re driving, and thanks to its state-of-the-art design, changes the face of the new Jeep® Compass Limited. Plus, the DRL daylight is a stylish accent that elevates the vehicle design.


Compass S

The all-New Jeep® Compass S is the top-of-the-line model delivering the best technology and the most stylish details. Standard features include the new 10.1″ Uconnect™ infotainment system with navigation, the 10.25” digital instrument cluster, automatic liftgate, new 19” aluminum wheels, innovative LED headlight design, on top of power seats memory padding and leather upholstery with gray stitching.

Power Leather Seats

Designed to give you maximum comfort when you’re behind the wheel, the new Jeep® Compass S features exclusive memory-padded seats, that enhance comfort during every journey, black leather upholstery and gray stitching. They are also electrically adjustable in up to 8 different positions.

New 10.1” Uconnect™ infotainment system with NAV

The New Compass S seamlessly integrates the navigation system with the new 10.1″ Uconnect™ infotainment system. The latest generation TomTom™ system allows you to browse the interactive map in three different views, access advanced search options with text prediction, get the most immediate route calculation and with live traffic, weather, speed cameras and fuel prices updates. Plus, with “Hey Jeep®” voice assistant, you can access and manage maps with simple voice commands.

New Full LED headlights

The all-New Jeep® Compass S is equipped with a new full LED headlight unit that enhances the exterior design, ensures perfect visibility by widening the field of view and lets you to optimize energy consumption. Improved visibility for increased safety.

19″ Neutral Grey wheels

The new Jeep® Compass S is the most refined, elegant and stylish model. The Neutral Grey finishes elevates the new design of the 19” aluminum wheels.


Jeep Wave®

Take the steering wheel of the new Compass and immediately join Jeep Wave®, the new loyalty program that offers 2 years of Easy Care scheduled maintenance and a range of dedicated customer services.



The new Compass has overhauled the entire interior with cleaner and horizontal lines, a more modern central console and larger spaces. For the first time on a Jeep®, the intelligent Uconnect™ infotainment system emerges from the dashboard. The storage capacity is more than doubled, from 2.8L to 7.2L, perfect to hold all things necessary to take on the day. In addition, premium materials and finishes on the dash and seats define its authentic style and elevated comfort.


The new Jeep® Compass continues to lead the way to innovation. The driving experience is simplified thanks to the most cutting-edge technological features in the entire Jeep® range.

New 10.1" Uconnect™ infotainment system

From the new dashboard of the Compass emerges the new Uconnect™ infotainment touchscreen display, the most advanced system in the entire Jeep® range. The screen, 30% larger than the previous generation, measures 10.1’’ and has Ultra HD resolution. The innovative operating system provides navigation that is up to five times faster, and it’s easier and more intuitive to use. Plus, it is possible to customize the interface, access your favorite apps, and create up to 6 different user profiles.

Uconnect™ Services with Alexa Voice Service integration

Thanks to Uconnect™ Services and the My Uconnect™ App, stay in touch with your car even at a distance. With features built into the new Jeep® Compass, like the My Wi-Fi package,  you can talk directly to your vehicle using Alexa Voice Service*. From now on you can create lists, order food, shop and manage home automation** from the car and in total safety***.

*Amazon, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.
** You must have Alexa Voice Service at home too.
***My Wi-Fi is subscription service.

Voice assistant Hey Jeep®

The New Compass is the first Jeep® to have a voice assistant built into the new Uconnect™ infotainment system. Just say “Hey Jeep®” to start talking to your car. Now you can adjust air conditioning, change your music or set your destination with the sound of your voice.

Over The Air Automatic Updates 

With over-the-air functionality, the intelligent Uconnect™ system on board the Jeep® Compass radio can be automatically updated quickly and easily, directly from the My Uconnect™* app.

*Service available on subscription with My Wi-Fi package

Charge your smartphone with the Wireless Charging Pad

Conveniently charge your smartphone without wires, anytime. Simply place the device on the Wireless Charging Pad*, the stand built into the center console. A light will indicate the charging level of the device.

*compatible with wireless charging devices


A compact SUV with all the latest safety and security features, including the latest Driver assistance Technologies (ADAS).


Traffic sign recognition

Recognizes traffic signs and reports the speed limit on the digital instrument cluster display.

Intelligent Speed assistance

Automatically adjusts your car’s speed to the limits on the road you are driving.

Level II Autonomous Driving

For the first time in the Jeep® range, the new Jeep® Highway Assist System is a technology for level II autonomous driving. It is capable of maintaining a safe distance and controlling the speed. The technology also prevents overtaking where prohibited and avoids sudden drifts.



The New Jeep® Compass features a redesigned seven slot front grille, lighting unit and front end. New, modern lines highlight its already urban attitude.

Iconic shapes, original lines.

The front end lines and profile of the lighting unit come together for a deliver a more modern and robust looking Compass. Plus, the iconic seven-slot front-end grille is completely new and underlines the distinctive character of this compact SUV.

New headlamp design

The striking new front and rear headlamp design intensifies the sculpted lines of the all-new Jeep® Compass and highlights its profile. Its new lights attract looks and makes sure that your vehicle will never go unnoticed in traffic.

Exclusive wheels

New exterior features include a new wheel design with exclusive geometry that gives the car an unmistakable appeal. Enough options for even the most demanding styles, the wheels are available from 16’’ up to 19’’ with different finishes including Satin Grey or Gloss Black.


More power, less consumption

The new Compass allows you to choose between different engines that reduce fuel consumption and emissions, without affecting the performance you have come to expect from a Jeep®. The 1.3l 130 HP T4 turbo petrol engine, with manual gearbox, and 150 HP engine, with automatic DDCT transmission, both featuring FWD, stand out for responsive and efficient performance in full compliance with Euro 6D-final standards. The 1.6 Multijet II Diesel FWD engine, on the other hand, improves power with its 130 HP and reduces CO2 emissions by 10%.

Take a ride into the future. New Jeep®Compass is also available in 4xe Plug-in Hybrid.