A new future is born from a Hybrid revolution. Jeep® is redefining mobility, improving every aspect: efficiency, responsibility and performance.

A new future is born from a Hybrid revolution. Jeep® is redefining mobility, improving every aspect: efficiency, responsibility and performance.

Drive the Jeep® revolution

Every future is born from a revolution. Jeep® has reinvented mobility improving every aspect: responsibility, efficiency and performance. The new Jeep® Compass 4xe Plug-In Hybrid, Power and sustainability are finally the same path.

Respect the Environment - Ecological Mobility

This is the spirit of Jeep® has not changed, its motor is the real revolution. Jeep® Compass 4xe Plug-In Hybrid Compass has been reinvented to take on the new challenges of mobility. When the two motors work together their environmental impact is noticeably reduced, while in electric mode it does not generate any CO2 emissions.

Maximum Efficiency - Lower levels of consumption

The new generation of motors guarantees unprecedented levels of fuel consumption. When using the Electric mode the vehicle is powered by the 11,4 kWh battery and you can drive up to 50 km using just the battery. This ensures that most of your daily driving can be done without generating any CO2 emissions and greatly reduce consumption.

The excitement of a hybrid.

The new Jeep® Compass 4xe Plug-In Hybrid improves its performance even more thanks to 190 or 240 CV of combined power. Go from 0 to 100 km/h in only 7.4 seconds with a maximum speed of 130 km/h in electric mode and 200 km/h in hybrid mode.

Driving Comfort

With the automatic management of electric engine and gas engine couplend with a new 6-speed automatic transmission, experience an enhanced driving journey. Performance comes together in a powerful and easy-to-use way, thanks to the comfort of a smooth, silent and fast gear shifting. A neverending torque distribution guarantees better reactivity and a more rapid acceleration for a smoother ride through the city and on the open road.

Drive the future

The new Jeep® Compass 4xe Plug-In Hybrid allows you to choose between three different driving modes: Hybrid that uses both the motors, Electric that only uses electric motor reducing CO2 emissions to zero, and E-Save which helps maintain the battery’s level of charge through the autonomous charging system. If you want an even sportier driving experience, you can count on the Sport mode from the Selec-Terrain®.

Silence, Compass is coming.

Prepare to rediscover the city. Up to 240 CV of power and 0-100 acceleration in only 7.4 seconds, everything you need to pay on every road. And when using only the electric motor, travel up to 50 km on the battery alone creating zero environmental impact in terms of emissions any incredible sensation when driving in total silence.

Combustion Engine / Electric Motor

4 cylinder 1.3 Turbo Petrol Engine
The 4 cylinder, 1.3 L Turbo petrol engine is available in two power steps, 130 CV or 180 CV. Powerful on their own, but perfect when they’re combined.

FCA eMotor with 60 Cv
The Electric driving mode offers a totally new driving experience: zero environmental impact in terms of CO2, up to 50 km of driving and a new completely mobility.

An even more sustainable way to drive.

Consumption Emissions Energy Classification
00 00 IE6



Euro6D Final

190CV 240CV
Technical specifications
No. of cylinders available
4 cylinders
4 cylinders
Power (kW @rpm)
95.6 (130) @ 5.500 / 45 (60) @ 4.000 132.4 (180) @ 5.750 / 45 (60) @ 4.000
Max torque (kW @ rpm)
270 @ 1.850 / 250 270 @ 1.850 / 250
Exchange Automatic, 6 speeds Automatic, 6 speeds
Acceleration 0-100 km / h (s)
7.9 7.3
Max speed (km / h) 183 200
Fuel Consumption (l / 100Km) 2.0 2.1
CO2 emissions (g / km) 46 45

Freedom to choose

The mechanics and techniques behind the new Jeep® Compass 4xe Plug-In Hybrid have one goal: letting you choose when to show off its capabilities. In the city or off-road? Both.