New 7’’ TFT

Monitor all driving parameters including the battery health, power available and charge level. The new 7” TFT integrates all the necessary functions to get the most out of the technology of the 4xe Plug-In Hybrid. Customize the interface with the information you want and keep everything under control thanks to steering wheel commands.

A look into the future

The new Jeep® Renegade 4xe Plug-In Hybrid offers the latest technology to enhance your driving experience, including upgraded connectivity, navigation security and driving assistance.

8,4’’ Uconnect™ Nav

The new Jeep® Renegade 4xe Plug-In Hybrid introduces the fourth-generation Uconnect™ Nav infotainment system featuring an 8.4” high definition touchscreen. Thanks to steering wheel controls, the touch and voice commands, you can choose how to best interact with the vehicle while staying focused on the road ahead.


Charge your battery while driving thanks to an innovative system that uses the negative torque generated during deceleration.

UconnectTM Services

Take your Jeep 4xe Plug-In Hybrid experience to another level. Thanks to UconnectTM Services you can easily, intuitively and safely manage all aspects of your vehicle.

Become one with your vehicle.

Stay connected with your contacts, listen to your favorite music and follow your itineraries without ever taking your hands off the wheel. Thanks to

Apple CarPlay and Android AutoTM integrated into the infotainment system, all you have to do is connect your smartphone.

Apple CarPlay / Android AutoTM

Stay connected to your iPhone thanks to the new available feature for the 8.4” Uconnect™ system.

Apple CarPlay® lets you access Apple Maps, iMessage, telephone and Apple Music through Siri, the voice assistant.

Android Auto™ allows you to safely access voice commands, Google maps and Google Play Music™ the the Uconnect™ touchscreen and steering wheel commands. Thanks to easy navigation and voice recognition you can reach your destination without ever taking your eyes off the road.